The concert was magical.”

— Daniel Engen

Vetle Forsell has one of the most pleasing voices (if not the absolute best) my ears have heard since reviewing music. His approach to songwriting is soft and sentimental, touching on personal yet familiar emotions and feelings.”

Modern Music Maker

Vetle Forsell is fantastic. An unrivaled talent with a voice that quivers and sways in a wonderfully peaceful way, Forsell should be on every indie playlist of worth.”


His music is fantastically haunting!”

York Calling

Certainly Vetle provides his talents, in spades, for our delight.”


There's a purity to the vocals that I love, and perfectly judged instrumentation to support it, with beautiful soft melodies that carries his music forward.”

Nordic Music

Vetle delivers an intimate, and quite personal, song showcasing his smooth and soothing vocals and storytelling abilities. I am loving the infectious melodies packed with beautiful guitar chords and percussion and its overall cinematic atmosphere.”

Caesar Live N Loud


Vetle Forsell is a Norwegian singer-songwriter and producer based in Stavanger. His music could be described as melodic and cinematic folk pop, inspired by the timeless songwriting of artists like The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Sufjan Stevens. With music remaining his primary form of artistic expression since the age of twelve, Vetle has spent the last few years writing, recording, playing across the country and and getting some positive attention on the national radio stations NRK P2 and NRK P3 urort, and at local festivals. 

“Pictures in Frames”  his debut full length album was released worldwide on May 24, 2019. On the album, Vetle explores subjects of otherness, mental illness and gender confusion, always with a personal and ultimately optimistic touch. A new music video will be released in 2019. Check out his music, here on the site!